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Everyone has a zone. A place where mental preparation translates into peak performance. It elevates you to a whole new level, priming your body for the absolute workout and arming you with the edge you need to dominate each rep. But what goes through your head when you’re trying to find your zone? For every motivational message in your conscious there’s another voice filling you with doubt and pushing you toward the exit. Understanding how your mind works is the first step in helping you find a mental edge worthy of helping you rise to a new level.



The Gold Standard Zone is not one-size-fits-all. Techniques for exercising the body are well known, but strengthening your mental game requires a more individualistic approach. Hear how some of the best in the business find theirs.

“Seeing myself succeed before each exercise is a big part in making sure my workout is a successful one.”

“Mental preparation to reach my daily goals is the key to being successful in everything I’ve done.”

“If your mindset isn’t in it then there’s no chance your body is going to be committed.”

“Using positive words and words of motivation are essential in hyping myself up and getting me in the zone.”

“There’s a lot of mental games that go on in your head, so sometimes I need to stop and visualise an exercise before I get stuck into it.”

There’s no one formula to finding your Gold Standard Zone, but these tools will help harness the power of your mind and lift your performance.